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Real-Life STEM Applications

23 Dec 2022, 03:32 GMT+10

Realize What You Have Learned
It appears that STEM education is the new big thing today. However, one may frequently question whether STEM has practical applications. Today, we will examine STEM Applications in the Real World.

What are STEM disciplines?
STEM education is the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for a specific purpose. As well as its accompanying practises, to establish a student-centered learning environment in which students explore and build problem-solving skills. With the assistance of schools, families, and community partners, they construct evidence-based interpretations of real-world happenings with an emphasis on a student's social, personal, physiological, and academic needs.

Practical applications of STEM
These basic, real-world examples can provide context for your students while also increasing their enthusiasm in learning more about STEM subjects and their comprehension of their true importance.

Give your children the following examples, and then ask them to provide a personal illustration of how they have applied each of these STEM abilities in their daily life.

While baking with your children, you can teach them mathematical concepts. Using measuring cups and food scales, children may learn addition and subtraction while calculating the quantities added to recipes. Baking provides a relaxing effect and allows children to see how items change form. In addition, your children will observe how you address a range of challenges that may emerge during the baking process, such as adapting the metric system to the dish you are preparing.

Cleaning is another daily action where children learn a great deal about STEM. Using homemade cleaners with diverse substances and cleaning agents provides children with a rudimentary understanding of chemistry. In addition, they learn math by counting the number of various cleaning materials and the percentage of each chemical used based on concentration. Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment are intriguing and thought-provoking to observe in action. Ask how a vacuum cleaner operates. You will be startled by the unconventional ideas they propose.


Shopping is another excellent example of incorporating STEM education into everyday life. While making a shopping list, you can describe what you'll need and how much each item on the list will cost.

You can talk costs with your youngster and teach them the simple calculations we all perform every day. Tell them about discounts and ask them which product would be the most affordable to purchase if you want to add a new dimension.

While going on a joy ride.

Utilize travel time to teach your youngster about speed, velocity, distance, and other topics.

Inform them about aeroplanes and their maximum speed. Ask them why they believe the future will be dominated by electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are vital for the future. You can explain interstellar travel and their beliefs about what lies beyond.

Examine the section on Problem-Solving.
Not all situations are as straightforward and uncomplicated as we would want. Consequently, we must adjust to the circumstances and find answers. It is a terrific approach to involve your children in the process and teach them how to solve difficulties.

Every day, we must improvise and find creative solutions to a variety of challenging situations. Your child can be questioned about and shown numerous problem-solving strategies.

However, what if you want your children to begin with STEM? We have the solution for you!

Presenting Matic Academy
Matic Academy aims to deliver STEAM education to children in order to better prepare them for the ever-changing workforce. Our STEAM programme comprises a variety of seminars covering topics such as robotics fundamentals and practical skills. Line-following robots, robots that avoid obstacles, and other projects are among the assignments that students complete. With our well-prepared activities and curriculum, you won't have to worry about the minute things; we'll take care of everything!

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